Friday, February 3, 2012

Random things

Just a few random things:

Just a couple days after saying that I wanted to work on my ego's resilience the hot water heater at home dies.  That was a nice chance to work on that, thanks Universe.  Working on getting it replaced now.

Working on getting a generic Mad Scientist costume together for Demicon, a local Sci-Fi/ Fantasy con I go to every year.  Actually helping out with it this year, mostly because I wasn't happy with how it turned out last year.  D's actually doing a block of children's programming for them, and I'm helping with that and providing whatever support they want from me, most of that to be determined.  Nothing too fancy, lab coat and some gadgets most likely.  I'm slightly sad I can't find a lab coat like the one they used in Dr Horrible, but the more I think about it the more I wonder if it's some kind of butcher's coat given the way it buttons.  Hrm.  Possibly more on that in a later post.

Actually have started working on the exercising thing.  Nothing major, just some random exercises at my desk when I think of it, which has actually been fairly often.  Not as effective as a concentrated exercise routine would be, but a lot better then the nothing I've been doing.  It's something I'm more likely to stick with, and hopefully it will help me move into a real workout.

That's about all I can think of for now, so It's Posting Time (Cue Power Ranger's pose and music).

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