Friday, March 22, 2013

Really Blizzard?

Full disclosure, I am a Blizzard fan boy.  Played just about everything they came out with, was a WoW addict for years, and if I am honest with myself I mostly stopped playing because I stopped liking the style of game rather then any fault of theirs.  I've slaughtered Zerg, offed Diablo, and led both the Horde and the Alliance to victory.  So, when I heard tell of a new product being announced at Pax East, I got all excited.

What do we get?  An online card game.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thoughts on Gold

I've started thinking about investing again, mostly because a couple of the things I've invested in in the past are beginning to creep up to the point that they might just turn a profit if I sell them.  Because of that I've been poking about the Motley Fool site more then I have in a while, under the theory it's always best to have as much info as you can process when making decisions, especially ones regarding money.  They had an article up this morning about gold and it got me thinking.  Dangerous, I know.