Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing to see here, move along

Posting mostly because I feel like it.

So far the exercising at work thing is going well.  Managed to do at least something every day I've been at the office since the first, which is a step in the right direction.  Still nothing major, but it's getting easier to add more to it every time which is the idea.  Found a couple places online with some simple 'at the desk' type exercises that I'm using to both remind me and give me different things to do.  I'm going to wait another week to get the habit going and then start monitoring my weight on a weekly basis.

I will not be posting numbers here, but you might get some milestones.  I'm better then a lot of Americans, but if I was happy with where my weight was I wouldn't be doing this, would I?

As the American political scene continues to develop I'll probably wind up going back to some of the themes I started this blog with.  The joy of disliking both major parties is there's so much to get you worked up.  I just want someone who doesn't feel like it's his job to either take money from someone to give it to someone else or to try and deny rights to someone because they don't agree with their religion/sexual orientation.  Right now it's just fun watching the people who claim they know what's going on with the Republican primaries prove that they don't.

Talked with D about clothes shopping, most likely we'll both be picking up a couple things this weekend.  Nothing too radical, but I do want something nice.

A little grumpy because one of my stocks missed their earnings and is now crashing.  I don't have very much in the fund, so I'm touchy about every penny.  It's really just a way to try and better myself some as well as motivating myself to understand how the market and economy works beyond what the so called experts tell us.  Right now I put one hour's pay away in the fund every paycheck, definitely not 'get rich' amounts, but enough that in a while I might be able to make a trade and use the money to do something nice with it.  What makes it worse is it was beginning to pull into the range where I could start think about making a profit on it after commissions and what not.  Ah well, I shall be patient, it will come back, it'll just take a little longer then I had hoped.

Anyhow, time to wrap this up.  Things to do.

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