Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wil's Laws

This one will probably be a little long, just a heads up.

Before I go spouting too much of my personal world views, I feel it's important to establish the basis of that world view: Wil's Laws.

A few things to keep in mind while reading them.  I very much consider these Laws to effect me as much as any other person on this planet.  They are often explanations for behavior, but they are never excuses for it.  Most importantly, however, they are meant to be broken, and the more often they are the better off we all are.

Wil's First Law: People are Stupid 
I sometimes call this the America's Funniest Home Video law.  If you've ever said, and meant, "It seemed like a good idea at the time," then you've been a victim of this law.  It is probably the strongest of the bunch, and the hardest to overcome.  It's why we do things that later make us hit our heads on our desk in frustration at our own behavior, or sadly shake our heads while we watch someone do something that you know then know better then to do.

Wil's Second Law: People are Greedy
This one's easier to overcome then the First Law, the trick is knowing when you should.  Wanting things is perfectly natural and normal.  It motivates us to succeed, to strive, to push ourselves to do better work so we can have more things.  It's when you stop pushing yourself to be better and start trying to take from others that this law has you in its grasp.

Wil's Third Law: People are Lazy
We all do it from time to time, even the hardest working of us.  We slack off, goof around, surf the web when we should be working, or just sit on the couch and veg out, even if just for a little bit.  The easiest to overcome of the Laws, if we just set our mind too it, but be careful of going too far.  Overworking yourself can be just as harmful to you and those around you.

Wil's Fourth Law: There Are Too Damn Many Law Abiding Citizens In This World.
As I mentioned in the introduction, these Laws are best when they're broken.  Sometimes it takes a little longer to stop and think about things before doing them, but if you stop for a second you may realize that sticking a fork in an electric outlet to get some dirt out of it really isn't your best idea, or that the nice little old lady shopping for picture frames at the thrift store could use some of the 15 you've grabbed without really knowing what you'll put in them, or that maybe you can brighten your SO's day a little just by picking up your socks from the floor instead of leaving them there.  Take a moment and think about the Laws, look at yourself and those around you.  Understanding that the people near you suffer from these Laws, and that you do as well, both can help motivate you to break them as often as possible, and help you to deal with the behavior of others.

I make no claims to being the first to notice these traits in people, in fact almost every faith and philosophy that has existed has some form of them, and often several more.  This is just my take, and my own personal outlook on life.  We as Humans can overcome these Laws, and the more often we do the easier it becomes, and every time we do life on this little planet of ours gets just a little better.  I doubt the First Second and Third laws will ever leave us completely, but maybe someday we can toss out the Fourth.

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