Friday, March 30, 2012


Made my first stock sale today, 21% return in a little over a month.  Taxes are going to take a chunk of course, but at my current bracket it won't hurt much.  Probably could have gotten more, but didn't feel like pushing my luck.  Putting the money right back to work, maybe someday this silly hobby of mine might actually turn out useful.  Can't really afford to just throw a ton of money at it, so I just toss a little at a time in the fund and let time and patience pay off.  It'll take a while, but five or six years down the road I might be able to use it to treat us to something special now and then.  Not looking to get rich off of it, it's just a combination of fun and a way to make a little fun money on the side.

Been feeling a bit sickly lately so the exercising has suffered, but still hanging in there.  Still watching what I eat better then before, and the more I do it the easier it gets.  Definitely a slow but steady thing, but since I'm doing this more because I'm not happy with my weight then any concerns about my health I'm okay with that.

Slow going on the costuming, need to get off my behind and get my coat ordered.  Did get fitted at a local store to check my size, but didn't like the price or the style they had, so back online I go.  I've gotten some goggles that will go well with it, although I need to track down what I did with the wig I was going to use.  The current plan is to try and make some sort of harness to put gadgets on, but that would actually require me to be home and in the mood to work on it, which hasn't been happening much lately so we'll see.

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