Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dr Who: Series 6

Watched the season ending 'The Wedding of River Song' recently, and it got me thinking about the rest of the season and my impressions of it.  Most of that will be behind the jump to help protect from spoilers, just 'cause I'm a nice guy like that. A little background first, I started with the good Doctor many years ago when I was growing up.  My Doctor was #4, which given his long run shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.  Personally, I wish he'd given it up a little sooner, maybe then he'd be more open to reprising the role now and again, but such is life.  When New Who started I was a little dubious, but they managed to win me over fairly quickly.  The many respectful nods to the old series while still keeping its own feel have made me a fan.
That being said, I felt a little underwhelmed by the end of this season. The first part of last season's final episode left me waiting for more, and trying to puzzle out how they were going to get him out of that mess.  This one left me wondering which of the several available methods for faking his death they planned on using.  Does not make for a suspense filled episode, although some of the ideas they came up with for time running together were rather creative.  Had to love Area 52, and the whole alternate Amy/Rory dynamic was hilarious.

There were some great episodes this season, The Doctor's Wife was touching and hilarious all at the same time, and Closing Time and the God Complex were great by themselves.  I especially liked the Doctor trying to talk himself out of meddling while walking to his TARDIS in Closing Time.

The Silence make for great villains, but I felt they were a bit underused in the series.  Especially seeing that they could have them 'appear' simply by having a mark show up on someone's arm.  Hopefully we see more of them next season, and I'm sure they have something planned for Madame Kovarian.

Overall, I liked the season, but it wasn't the best of the New Who in my opinion.  A few stellar episodes, some okay ones, and a rather week overall arc.  The only major issue I had with it was Lets Kill Hitler, which in my opinion use a bit of a cheep gimmick by inserting Mels into Amy and Rory's past without having her even mentioned previously.   After last season's masterful working of time, especially with the Doctor's older self showing up in Flesh and Stone, that just felt rather weak.  I'll be eagerly awaiting the Christmas Special this year, but not with quite as much enthusiasm as last year.  

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